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Last updated: 14 May 2021

By purchasing from us, you agree to the following terms of business:

1. Earth Care Enterprise terms and conditions supersede all others in any submitted documents (invoice, purchase orders, etc.), written or verbal communication from all parties. It is important to review all Earth Care Enterprise terms and conditions and request any clarification as needed.

2. The customer (to whom the invoice/purchase order is billed) hereby unconditionally accepts and agrees to the following terms and conditions by the supplier (Earth Care Enterprise).

3. Goods sold are non-returnable, refundable, or exchangeable for cash, other products, gift vouchers, and / or store credit.

4. For custom orders, full 100% payment is required upfront before work commencement.

5. Payment is via cash, cheque or bank transfer with proof of receipt sent to us.

6. Orders will only be shipped upon full payment except for custom orders which customers are required to collect from our office.

7. Earth Care Enterprise is committed to fulfill all customer’s orders in the shortest time possible and work our best to ensure that all deliveries are within standard delivery timeframe of our logistic partners, however customers cannot hold Earth Care Enterprise responsible for any delays or non-fulfillment of an order due to unforeseen circumstances. The standard delivery timeframe provided by our logistic partners is an estimation and works as a guide only and is subject to changes at their discretion.

8. For incomplete, wrong and / or damaged items upon receiving, please write in to our customer service at [email protected]

9. All sizes and quantities stated in Earth Care Enterprise order form are to be verified by the customer, Earth Care Enterprise takes no responsibilities for any takeoff sizes, quantities, or conditions.

10. Earth Care Enterprise’s products are handcrafted with natural materials, as such, variations such as minor organic debris, organic decay, differences in color or optical clarity (size, shape, thickness and appearance), slight irregularities in edging, and other signs of hand manufacture are to be expected. Each piece is a unique, custom made product and no two pieces will be identical. Individual compositions are highly variable due to the natural characteristics of the materials. Please note that materials should not be subjected to water, moisture, heat, or large temperature variations. Earth Care Enterprise does not provide any forms of warranty, returns or exchange for a particular purpose, as organic materials perform differently in each environment. Please allow sufficient biological tolerances between materials.

11. For custom orders, final products may not be identical to preliminary samples, and may differ from product to product and are subject to variations and irregularities that may not appear in samples. Color matching is approximate and colors can shift due to heat, environment, organic matter, and many other uncontrollable factors. The customer is responsible for providing full and accurate specifications which reflect the intent of the customer. Earth Care Enterprise is not responsible for correcting, verifying or confirming specifications or contradictory information provided by the customer. If confirmation of final appearance is required, a sample will be provided except in the case of time constraint whereby the initial sample will be provided, and no further samples will be provided thereafter. If the customer does not require a sample, the customer hereby agrees to accept the material as delivered without exception. No further changes shall be made to the products as per ordered in the quotation and invoice once production is completed.

12. The customer shall not hold Earth Care Enterprise to be liable for any damages or loss of the goods after delivery and acknowledgment of delivery order.

13. Earth Care Enterprise reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this site immediately. Please check the latest information posted herein to inform yourself of any changes.

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